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Defying all rules of city life and taking the route less traveled is the dream of a real camper. It starts with the desire embraced in our hearts, that feeling of just letting go of all that is mundane and mechanized. Forget the laptop, the cellphone, the tablet, and listen carefully to the sounds that mother nature offers. Don’t let go of this moment when you notice the first bird’s chirp, the cicadas’ singing, or the rustling of the brush. All that fresh air, the stars and even the wildlife! If only nature knew all the goodness that it provides us.   

Whether you are undertaking an adventure all alone and hauling the household, pets included, the primary purpose of this endeavor is to appreciate and enjoy life in the great outdoors. So, leave your digital devices behind, and if you forget any camping accessories, improvise.  

The fresh air promotes a perfect night’s sleep, so be prepared to cozy in a comfy sleeping bag or a cot. There is just something beautiful about letting go of everyday life and finding that perfect camping spot.

Finding the perfect campsite

So, what is the ideal campsite where you picture yourself being part of nature, just another creature? Though there are plenty of regulated state parks that have camping areas, as well as cabin rentals, you will still need to pay attention to where you hang your hat. Here’s my list 

  1. A flat piece of ground to pitch your tent, make sure it’s not too hard.
  2. Select an area where others have camped before you but not to close to other campers.
  3. Make sure there’s water source not too far off your site. 
  4. Take a paper map where you have marked various exciting points and hiking trails.
  5. Pitch your tent where you might get some share and, if windy, pitch your tent so that its skinny portion faces the wind.

Once you have settled, you enjoy the moment, that feeling of accomplishment. But, don’t get oo comfy yet, get organized so you can enjoy this adventure.  

Here’s my next list of items to haul into your tent and your immediate vicinity.

Depending on how far you are from a town, you will need additional supplies. But, always keep cash hidden in a safe place.  

Camping with Kids

Don’t forget to bring their favorite book or toy, something that helps them go to sleep and some outdoor toys to keep them occupied, maybe a pail and small shovel. You can send them on scavenger hunts right around the campsite. Bring a bunch of little prizes and keep them hidden, so they know there is a reward at the end!

Other games to take:

Keep in mind that the whole point of the trip is to unplug, have fun, and experience nature. The health benefits just keep coming because getting away from it all will leave you feeling relaxed and stress-free. Enjoy spending time with the family or alone, whatever the case may be. Consider purchasing a Search and Rescue Assistance card and leave information about your whereabouts with close relatives or friends.

Relax and enjoy your adventure; you will be amazed by how aware you’ll be of your surroundings. Don’t forget that your biggest fears are not predators, but your brain.  

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